Ron Hardy


Ron Hardy
Ron Hardy

My Tribute to Ron Hardy!

As soon as one starts to hang out with some djs from Chicago and at some point the name Ron Hardy comes up.  I’ve learned about him through his various edits, collaborations, and original productions.  I still however haven’t heard the legend himself in the mix.

I have since acquired some of Ron’s mixes from the 80’s and understand how truly influential he has been to many people.  Many of the Chicago djs/producers who influenced me, have tried to rehashed the original stylings of Mr. Hardy.

This particular mix starts with some of his Disco edits and progresses into some House then Disco then House, etc.  If you have been paying attention to Chicago House Music since the 90’s, these songs presented here by Mr. Hardy have continually been remade and keep re-surfacing since the times of this mix.  In general the tracks he played are good as they got exposed to the right ears that have been propagating the sound.  His mixing technique is choppy but still really flows.  He never really misses a beat, but it is the imperfections of his style that make his sound so appealing.  I guess it is straight from the heart to our ears.  It’s amazing how he was rocking Disco records with all their slight tempo changes pretty solidly.   Please have a listen to this mix and judge for yourself, as you will enjoy this brief moment in time.

A Ron Hardy Mix from 4/3/1983

3 thoughts on “Ron Hardy”

  1. I once had a bus driver that looked exactly like Ron Hardy. He drove the bus that I took everyday for like 4 years. One time during the winter we were driving behind a truck and a sheet of ice came flying off the top of it and it hit the front of the bus, shattering the windshield and spraying bits of glass onto him and me (since I was sitting in the first seat that day). We were both ok, but it was quite a shock, especially at 8 in the morning.

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