I have been busy lately with machining some new release to present to the masses.  Now, new Synapsis heat coming out in March and it’s from Miles Holt aka Mauser, whom has crafted a special EP for the ears.

So, yeah team Synapsis had to get a Mauser EP on wax after releasing the banger; Leger De Main on the Timeless Chicago EP.  The name of this release is “The Vault EP”, acid and techno tracks from the files of Mauser.  He is straight representing Chicago techno that moves heads and dancefloors.  The tunes range from acid to straight techno.  Ah, again a fresh fusion of Chicago elements from the Synapsis crew.

Blackman: Begins with a jazzed out acid house beat and progresses into a journey of rhythms. The appregiated melody lines,  bring out your inner jack as the acid lines sneaks up on you so sweetly.  Yes, I’m jacking to the pulse with the four on the floor!

Dancin: Previously released on the digital only Jack Pulse EP (synapsis002), Dancin is built on a melody line that constantly filters together with sparse sounds and vocals that say, dancin.  What an acid banger, seriously you will start dancin.

Binary: A Video game synth is abundant in this track, Mauser turns this sound into a jacking melody. I’m appreciating this Chicago techno story.  Bounce, bounce, bounce.

Regenerate: says, “Time for the techno beatdown.” Mauser shows us his love for techno as Regenerate moves and bangs.

Distributed by Crosstalk Chicago

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