Franco Cangelli - Embrace EP

Materializing next is from the mind of Belgian producer Franco Cangelli. Techno tunes from oblivion transmitted into this dimension by Franco. Yes, expanding the palette of Machining Dreams’ sound with some banging waveforms for your enjoyment. Cangelli delivers the Embrace EP, a 3-track deep techno release with sweet, elegant pads and chords crafted for the deeper and intenser moments on the dance floor.

Embrace: is trippy and hypnotic, driven by throbbing beats, layers of gentle chord stabs and soothing atmospherics.

Search More: is slightly more introvert and melancholic Techno with lazy beats and acidic basslines. Something to sway both your mind and body to.

Wrecked in Beauty: is more on the house tip it combines deep basses, funkier drum parts with a slightly teasing chord theme.

Embrace the Belgian Techno…



Distributed by:

Crosstalk International Chicago

650 W. Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60661



Chymera (Connaisseur, Ovum)

Search More is an excellent deep track. Will find room for it in a future mix for sure!

Angel Molina

Thanks so much for this record, Detroit at its best. 3 good tracks, timeless, as usual from you. Can´t choose one of them. All my support to it.

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape, Vakant, Time to Express)

Thanks again for the Promo. I totally love it! Will play and try to buy the Vinyl.

Mark Henning (Clink, Hypercolour)

Nice analogue goodness – b1 for me!

Duplex (Clone, Frantic Flowers)

Thanks for the nice promo. My favo is Search More. Wonderful and lazy, yet driving beats, nice atmosphere with beautiful strings and pads. I’ll def play it in one of my future sets.

Miles Sagnia (Atmospheric Existence, Aesthetic Audio)

Absolute quality, it has an integrity that for me is key!

Matt O’Brien (Offkey Industries)

Really digging this release mate. A side track is a beauty.

Perc (Perc Trax)

The B1 & B2 tracks are really good.

Esther Duijn (Nowar, Exquisite Music)

a1: highly hypnotic – techno as techno is meant to, a2 like the vibe in this track, very moody in a good way

Lerosa (Millions of Moments, Enclave, Uzuri, Real Soon, Ostgut Ton)

Embrace is definitely my favourite, I have used it a recent mix, a great techno groover. I like Wrecked in Beauty too, bit of a hint of chicago in those drums, will definitely play it soon 🙂

Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings, Aesthetic Audio)

F. Cangelli offers a solid 3-tracker of banging mid-tempo, tech-house grooves. Dark, atmospheric strings and wobbly bass lines over 808/909 drum programming. Detroit futurism from Belgium! Will be working these tracks into my sets!

2 thoughts on “mdreams002”

  1. […] September 10, 2010 I’ve got 2 ep’s coming up soon. First up will be my Embrace ep on Hakim Murphy’s Machining Dreams. It’s a 3-track ep with some deep techno vibes going on on stamped white label. You can read more about it by clicking here: mdreams002. […]

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