Okay I’m in Japan and am now taking time to recover from going out everyday; seeing the sites, eating food, and getting new music. So I am chilling out and decided to do some writing. Being that I am a music person and Tokyo is a good place to get you music and fashion fix on, I am inspired to present some new music. So next on the burner is a piece of vinyl coming out on Plan B Recordings NYC from new artist Chris Mtichell out of Tampa, FL. Chris is a fellow Vanguard Sound member and this is his first vinyl 12″. Moreover this vinyl piece features Dakini9 and Amir Alexander on remix duty, they both did a great job of making brand new ideas from the original material resulting in a diverse vinyl piece. Yeah, this release is for people on the plan b tip, especially if you are looking for music that is 180 degrees opposite of popular culture. Enough prose, let’s get to the music.

Lonely Nights – Is an melody driven tune in which stabbing chords and synth hits that float up from deep within the depths of Chris’ psyche. This is the most emotional tune of the EP.

Lonely Nights (Dakini9 Remix) – Is a raw and sparse soundscape with vocals samples that make it sound quite eerie. The chords sound every once and a while and then laughing voice and reverberating claps take center stage in the track. This tune is great for set transitioning due to the fact that it can blended with most any other dance song.

Worker Ants – Is quite gritty, Chris’ synthesis skills are on display as he works the filters and oscillators to portray a dark mood. The more you listen the deeper you will go into the fathomless, dark world of the proletariat in synthesizer form.

Worker Ants (Amir Alexander Remix) – Brings fourth the calling to the sonic brothers and sister of the struggle with a funky bassline and long sustained chord effects. The drum patterns walk along as the melody line is the call to action!

So the Vanguard advances once again…

hakim murphy

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