Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy LP

DJ Spider is out as his alter ego Kuru in the second installment on his cd only label Sublevel Sounds.  Kuru steps onto the scene with an LP title so esoteric I had to look up the meaning because I needed to know what I was about to listen to. Transmissible Spongiform Enephalopathy LP positively affects the nervous system as you surge through this album. Deteriorating your senses with dark synth work, crunchy textures, and superb atmosphere. Definitely for the djs who like to play some speedy deep tunes. Let’s check the sounds:

Daimajin///Aggressively begins with mad atmosphere; then screaming in the background are the eerie synth and crunchy bass. This tune just keeps banging as percussion swirls.

Beyond Vision///Scouring through the darkness, lots of synths slowly appear and have a symposium in your eardrum. Atmosphere and lots of texture dominate as a nice baseline appears.

The Draconian Hybrids///Deepness, as percussion begins the track and then out of nowhere, some emotive chords start accompanied by a moving bassline. Meanwhile the atmosphere is thick and dark, while the chunkiness and busy sounds continue to constantly morph the track.

Black Moon Lilith///Breathing and living, the beat bounces as chords sound. The chords are complementary in nature; the bassline is packing all the action.

Unseen Overlord///Crazy sounds begin this tune, chords move and open up while the effected percussive sound continues to sound. Kuru comes up from the deep within just below the dark abyss with this one.

House Cannibal///Funky bassline starts as a PSA sounds while the drums change and more samples arrive to chunky up the track.

Beneath The Underground///Sounds like a submarine decompressing slowly, as the atmosphere is thick and heavy with sounds (synths and percussion with mad effects) having a conversation in the underworld, which turns into a disagreement, but comes around 360 to agree again sonically.

Mobius Strip///Synth heavy, voices begin as a sweet sounding chord progression takes over while the sounds of the atmosphere becomes more relaxed as the tune fades into oblivion.

After listening through this cd, I felt like I was taking to a strange alien world full of synths and mad samples. Kuru is a master of creating unconventional atmosphere.

hakim murphy

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