Bass Synergy side a
Bass Synergy B side

Steven Tang is back on Emphasis Recordings with another 12″ from him using his Tang moniker titled Bass Synergy. I am a little late on the draw as this record dropped back in July; however in the usually Emphasis style, this release is classic and I think worthy of attention anytime. Check the sounds below and get the full feel:

Bass Synergy///Begins with a nice melody line that is quickly joined by warm strings, and then a second synth comes in to lead you back to the original theme of the song. Tang delivers a glowing track with moving drums and a feeling of brightness.

Drone///Is a fast pace heater that begins with some drums followed by a quickly struck synth line that rocks all the way through the tune. Definitely a track for the people who are trying to bang out the party.

Synchronism///Ends this project with a playful pad that builds into a happy sounding synth line. Then more strings arrive to complete the music spectrum. Deep House with that Techno feel right here!

If you missed it, check for it now!


Hakim Murphy

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