014 materializes on Machining Dreams, this time from Chicago Skyway who is rocking with a 6 track release called EP Fall Down. Five beat tracks and 1 deep house tune that has come to be Skyway’s signature sound over the years. Classic in the sense that beat tracks have formed the glue between styles in many djs bags. Skyway use of arrangement and familiar drum kits will sure to bring the nostalgia back to the djs who were in it before the technology revolution and interest to the djs who came after it. Let’s here the jack:

Fall Down///Begins with some familiar drums, sounds that turn into distinct Skyway patterns. Moving forward, the drum tracks morphs between hard and harder with this re-interpretation the feel of the EP is set.

Ride///Uptempo arpeggiations begin as the drums sound, beating the wolfer cones more signature Skyway patterns emerge. Sustained long synth notes break the monotony, as three elements rock and the clave becomes a main focus of the tune.

Ride3///Another retake, but different sounds and percussion, and added synth parts. This time four elements are rocking as the tune continues to weave in and out, the arrangement will be working dance floors near you soon.

Leaf///Old school beats come out, beat track galore is a perfect modifier for this tune. Moving through as the toms pulsate and the wood block strikes a synth sneaks up to speak the jack. Again, three elements rock here to make your head bob.

Mosquito///A crunchy synth line and kick drum began, as more percussion sounds, then another alerting synth line sounds as the tune moves forward and through the arrangement will make you sweat on the floor.

Praying Mantis///Ending the EP is the deep house sound, the tune begins with a shuffling feel as the toms take up the focus of the rhythm. Slowly, chords and a melody note appears to kiss a listener, then an acid line comes in to take over the tune, deeper and beating, the chords and melody line come back to retake the lead of the tune before making a decrescendo to the sounds of percussion from the beginning of this tune.

Distributed by Crosstalk

Hakim Murphy

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