Myles Sergé continues in his prolific form with the first release from a split album on his MS label. Everything in Darkness Comes to Light is the first part of an album that displays Myles’ love for minimalism in beats that materializes in the form of Techno.

After listening to all the tracks of the album which I describe as flexible Techno that can be speed up or slowed down for the Housier moments, this first part is raw and minimal with soul. Sergé really goes for that classic sound exploring the repeating lines while using softer synth sounds with gradual percussion in his stripped down approach.

Lost///Begins with a synth line and kick drum, the tune takes its time to get going as the closed hi-hat hits come followed by the 808 rim shots. The beat is repeating, adding a new piece of the percussion as it goes, filling up the tune, as the original synth line continues to sound with some slight modulation with quicker percussion arrangements.

Drones///Beating bass notes ring with the kick drum supporting the rhythm, then hi-hats appear to bring some swing followed by a shaker to give more variation. Sounding like an UFO, the rhythm pulses as pitched up rims sound. After 4 minutes or so, new percussion is added and modulated as the tune rides out.

Into Darkness///Starting off the B-side is an ambient piece of smushed up notes and noise that serves as a nice seasoning to the record.

The Face in the Cloud///The last tune on this session begins with a sample and percussion. Toms drums establish the main meat while hi-hat action picks up the speed, then a subtle note is struck once in a measure to add a bit of sound. Finally after all the tension, a bass riff is introduced to take over the attention. After some slight variation a pad sneaks in the low register and sounds until the break.

Definitely a record for the djs who like to make long blends as the main ideas of the tunes are the last 1/3rd of the track. Look for part 2 of this project next year, Sergé elects for a fuller approach due to appearance of more harmony and melody lines.

Avaliable at:





Techno Imports

Akt Records

Good Groove


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