The art of the live pa…


Slow Kindling
hm505 – Slow Kindling

2018 has been a very interesting year for me. I have reached a lot of non musical milestones that has kept me mostly away from music. However I am refreshed after my hiatus and today’s topic is the live pa in dance music.

These come in many variations and I personally like to use some sort of drum machine, sampler, and synth combination. Of course many people use the computer but I find it to be unnecessary due to the fact that I don’t want to ruin my computer in a club situation. With all that being said, let’s examine what a live show is in my opinion.

Pre-written patterns that one can arrange live on the fly. Typically one needs a machine like a Mpc, Octatrack, or a computer. A computer is obviously the most versatile because you can use DAWs and have many different patterns or samples or midi notes at your disposal. However this can be really challenging because of the infinite amount of possibilities.

Having limited choices help me to focus and that is why I prefer the hardware in which a few select machines are used. I prepare my patterns and then proceed to arrange the tunes with modulation and all. I prefer to run everything through a Kaoss pad to give that extra layer of efx and sampling.

All in all, even if you sample every instrument on the fly to make your pa, it really comes down to how well can you arrange a tune. I think there are always two things in producing music: the initial idea and the arrangement. In which the latter most people have the hardest time figuring out.

I do love djing but making a live show is also very satisfying as well. Especially for the ones that are just for listening, in the podcast incarnation, because I can really be free and concentrate on creating some new textures and moments. In the club, one must respond to the crowd to make sure it is not boring.

With all that being said here are some waveforms of freedom using Volcas, microKorg, and a Koass pad:

hakim murphy

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