Tales 01

Tales From Chicago

New vinyl piece from Italian label named Tales. Featuring four Chicago producers that span 3 generation. This release represent a taste of the many sounds of Chicago: blending house with acid, moving along with the sublte, and making sounds full with less. Fine work, as the diversity shows through in this 12 inch.

Gent Hunt starts the project with a party tune that is full of energy. The drums pulsate and the chords and harmony set the scene early, the groove is moving as the chord progression pattern switches. Meanwhile floating melody notes move around to fill up the rest of the spectrum. Definitely a banger and he calls it: Merry Go.

Ed Nine is next with familiar Roland drums that continue to be a staple of the dance music sound. Lake Shore Breeze is definitively deep house with its percussion and sustained chord pattern. The right adjective here is warm, being that I come from Chicago, nothing is more warming than cruising down Lake Shore Drive on a sunny summer day. The tune opens up with the bass line, change in chord progression, and running melody notes.

G. Marcell starts the b side with Son God. G. is someone I am very familiar with as we have worked together many times and even have a collaboration album called Synonym as Resonating. In any case this tune is a beat track with a few moments of melody and harmony. The bass is beating, a note is droning and the melody is saying something, which leads us into counterpoint and harmony. After this build up, we get back to the banging beat track from where the tune began.

I end the project with an acid tune called Lawdale Beating. It is pretty straight forward, an experiment in minimalism as the acid lines change between each other and the drums pulse. I slowly build the patterns to subtly fool the ears and fill the sound spectrum with percussion. A homage to the old school heads who made the acid on a 303 and a 909 or 808.

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hakim murphy

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