The second split 12” on Another Earth comes from Plural and myself. This one features some music straight from the heart of the midwest with techno and a beat tracks. The raw machine funk oozes from the speaker in this project, Plural bringing that Detroit feel to your eardrums, meanwhile I rock with my experimental tunes that are imagined for many different societal situations. Here are the prose from the label:

The second imprint of Another Earth is upon us and this time it’s all about proper Detroit techno combined with distorted left wing machine house. The label combines 2 acts together in a Split EP series which compliment each others sound. For the A-side the highly talented producer, Plural (Separate Skills, Metroplex, U.S.), created 2 essential Detroit techno tracks. The A1 is a warm uplifting peaktime bomb. The B2 has a darker vibe concentrated on the groove. The B-side hosts 2 tracks from the intriguing mind of Hakim Murphy (Machining Dreams, Chicago, U.S.). The B1 is a heavy distorted peaktime house banger while the B2 is quite the opposite, deep and obscure.

Plural – Vulnerable///An arp line and chords begin as the kick drum starts to strike. Then the bass line drops in as the chords start to modulate. That techno sound appears, as the tune moves, the hihats began and the chords become louder that brings new life to the tune. The elements stay solid throughout with the chords obtaining most of the attention.

Plural – The Spear///An uptempo synth line begins and as it modulates and grabs energy to introduce the kick drum. The bassline then joins in to add to the mix. The chords continue to modulate as a chord stab syncopates in an hypnotic fashion. The hihats enter towards the middle of the tune picking up the tempo. Another synth sounds slowly comes in to add more substance to the salad of instruments. The second synth slowly modulates to stand out among the elements until the tunes conclusion.

Hakim Murphy – Tbanger///The B sides starts with a kick and uptempo percussion. That leads to a fuzzy synth line that is brutal sounding causing maximum damage to the ear drums. The synth line moves around almost in a pan formation while the percussions remains fluid gaining constant momentum. Hard, dirty, and fuzzy are good adjectives as the tunes goes through time.

Hakim Murphy – Mechanics///The project comes to an end with a raw tune that begins with a kick and haze percussion. The bumping toms come in to introduce to two synth parts that keep it from being a straight up beat track. The interplay between the three elements are fun and free as all parts come and go as they please. How deep is the rhythm?

Another Earth - Split EP2

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