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I am back and this time I am blessing a 12” from Assemble Music called Cosmopolitan Vibrations EP. I put together four tunes that will beat your senses that all sound different but are held in common by the jack. Here are the prose from the label:

Raw machine funk from an intergalactic mind – Hakim Murphy brings us two contrasting sides of classic analog jams, Chicago style. On the A-side, ‘Toms From Space’ and ‘Bgstyle’ both have a melodic nostalgia, the former with pads and drum accents that are almost conversational, the latter’s ringing synth lines cleaving more to the Jamal Moss school of machines-gone-wild, but still in an introspective mood. The B-side is a heavier affair, ‘StompsB’ coming at you with a barrage of snares, claps and toms that will tickle the more adventurous dancers out there. By ’TF3_2’ the machines are in pure revolt, battery draining and sounds escaping in fits and starts – avant-garde Chicago house, no questions asked.

Toms From Space///A moving bassline begins the record and is quickly followed by a chord progression. The electric sounds continue as sparkling percussion arrive that leads into synth toms. The melody line comes in to sound, causing some counterpoint. The melody then takes center stage as the track breaks down and builds back up to beat the box. The baseline is again back in the front and the tune rebuilds bringing us back to where it began.

Bgstyle///Percussion sounds that leads us into the synth line quickly followed by an oscillating chord progression. A neo acid line creates the main meat of the composition, that continues to move around fluidly by gradually becoming louder and softer. The articulation of the tune moves in unison, the chords emotively express themselves as the the tones and acid line continuously switch roles and compete for attention. Meanwhile the percussion is flowing, the sound is soft and subtle yet banging and moving. 

StompsB///Crunchiness best describes the sound of this tune, beginning with a kick, toms, and some hats; followed by the claps. Then, a synth line drops in to create mystique that is an introduction to a rolling piano line. A rim hits and echoes causing more controlled chaos. The kick drum continues to pulsate until the synth lines are the only thing sounding. A break them comes in as only the percussion weaves and bobs around for a bit as the track makes it way back to the synths and finally ending how it started.

TF3_2///The 12” comes to and end with some vintage keyboard action. This liquid tune begins with several striking synth tones that hit at different times in the beat. Some long and some short notes that leads us into a funky baseline. The tones get longer as the percussion teases until all the elements arrive to add a sense of release. The baseline disappears for a moment to give the synths time to shine. Then all elements are back as now the shaker becomes the main focus to the ear. The arrangement continues it fluid motion until the culmination.

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