Cardbox Side A
ASD020 side A
ASD020 B side
ASD020 side B

Remix time for Innerspace Halflife as we rework Cardbox by Achterbahn D’Amour on Acid Test/Absurd Recordings. Yeah, you talking Innerspace talk when Acid is the main focus of the presentation, so we welcomed the chance to get down and remix a super duo residing in Berlin. Edit Piafra and Iron Curtis are creating some interesting music as Achterbahn D’Amour. Cardbox features two tunes from the Berlin duo backed with the Innerspace Halflife treatment of the title track that gives a fresh take on the Acid genre. Sound samples below:

Cardbox///holds down the A side beginning with a lone striking note. The percussion builds as words speak, the acid line comes in, then later a surprise of chords hits causing great relief to the tension.

Cardbox(Innerspace Halflife Remix)///begins the B side with thick beats as slow acid lines swirl around, the sound is thick with layers of texture. Longing chords appear and then a hard bassline appears. Forever evolving, turning into a spaced out remix.

Harmonia///starts out with ambiance and proceeds with a breakbeat into a acid joint. Emotive chords and thick sounds prevail as the main kick drops and sonic fullness encompasses your eardrums.

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