hm505 has arrived with his first vinyl piece of four tripped out tunes for the Audio Visual label. Straight head nodders that travel directly to the cerebral cortex with swishing effects that cause the body to jack. … EP is best described as raw tunes with the feel of a carnival adventure on acid. Yeah hm505 in your ear drum.

Kallabo///We begin this project with a kick that quickly leads into a bass line and syncopated chord tones that rock and jitter. Meanwhile, effects crush the sounds as the chords come in and out resolving the tension. Controlled chaos moves with delays on some of the percussion elements that compete for attention, while the kick drum keeps everything anchored as the tune moves through time.

Porta///The second tunes begins much like the first, but this time with different percussion and added distortion. Bouncing synth lead into a melody line with a long delayed note that sometimes sounds in the background. Then a second synth line appears to create syncopated tension. The interplay between the two synth parts continue until the end of the tune.

Boops///The b side begins with raw percussion where a pseudo acid line comes in to create a groove. Two synth lines enter at once and then throughout began to play off each other. As the arrangement moves forward, the effects tweak and suddenly we are back to the original grove.

Raw Intuition///We end the ep with a tune containing crunchy drums and moving synth lines. Dirty, dark, and banging with sounds moving in and out with crazy keyboard action; basically a real rough and dirty dusty groove. Really all intuition as the rhythm and tones were formed…hm505

Distributed by Juno.

Available at:






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