A three track digital release that moves from deep to acid and back to deep on G. Marcell’s own Bearetone Recordings imprint via Chicago.

LFO: Rolls and moves and bangs through a series of chord progressions. The syncopated toms move around playfully and introduce the high hats. Guaranteed to seamless take your psyche through a journey to Alpha Centauri and back – roughly, the journey is 8 light years.

Trunk Madness: Is bouncing synths that morph into a melodic banger with a bass line that thumps car trunks. Hence the soundwave madness as the beat pulsates into your inner-jack. The arrangement of this tracks is subtle and free flowing. You know you want to let your ears have a taste of Trunk Madness.

Trunk Madness G. Marcell Bonus Mix: Is a banging remix with its melodic percussion, banging bass, and flithy filtered synth sounds. G. Marcell is killing them with his sweet sounding arrangement and enjoyable take on an acid dream.

Available on Juno and Dancetracks.

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