4.27.16 Tyree Cooper career has span four decades releasing music which is illustrated by his discography. Tyree is still active and has just released Da Soul Revival Classics Vol.2. This two track 12” brings Tyree back to some of his earlier roots with acid house and an homage to a fallen homie Kool Rock Steady,… Continue reading CVR004

Afrikan Sciences – Circuitous

2.18.15 So it has been a long minute since I have conducted an interview, or a review for that matter, but in this case I was compelled due to a cornucopia of sounds coming from Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences. Afrikan Sciences has put together a album that is an attack on the senses,… Continue reading Afrikan Sciences – Circuitous

Dance Duo Innerspace Halflife goes old school

12.12.12 In advance to the first Innerspace Halflife show at Smartbar on December 15th for Hugo Ball, a nice little article appears courtesy of Time Out Magazine that discusses some of our philosophies and techniques on music making and presentation. The article can be read here. Shouts out to Jason Robinette for taking the photos,… Continue reading Dance Duo Innerspace Halflife goes old school

Sonic Subversion

10/19/10 Ah yes, I have prepared a special segment featuring my friend and mastering guy Amir Alexander. Definitely making some moves, and case in point with this new digital release from Plan B entitled Sonic Subversion EP. I'll let Amir elaborate on himself and this release. Amir what up homie? Hakim my man, at the… Continue reading Sonic Subversion