Innerspace Halflife Live PA Session on RTS.FM

1.31.13 2013 starting strong with solo releases and of course the collobaration live PA as Innerspace Halflife. As we improvise and bang out some tunes on the three machines we get ready to take this show on the road. So, ah, yeah Innerspace Halflife Live PA for 90 minutes. hakim murphy

Innerspace Halflife Live PA

1.14.13 This is the first post from 2013 and I would like to say this year is lining up to be better than 2012. Many new things happening with my solo career and as Innerspace Halflife. I would like to present the first of many Live PA's coming from Innerspace Halflife as a Modyfier podcast.… Continue reading Innerspace Halflife Live PA

Modyfier Process Series – Part 291

2.6.12 Ah yes, after a hiatus on posting to Machining Dreams; Happy New Year. In this edition I am writing about a podcast I did for the great blog Modyfier with creative process as the main theme. I remember getting excited after I was first contacted and read the invitation text, which is a work… Continue reading Modyfier Process Series – Part 291

Sonic Subversion

10/19/10 Ah yes, I have prepared a special segment featuring my friend and mastering guy Amir Alexander. Definitely making some moves, and case in point with this new digital release from Plan B entitled Sonic Subversion EP. I'll let Amir elaborate on himself and this release. Amir what up homie? Hakim my man, at the… Continue reading Sonic Subversion

live, direct, and uncut

5/18/10 Yeah, fresh off a surreal experience. I've been meaning to make a post as they are building up and DEMF is right around the corner.  Now I formulated my plan and let's go. Ah, now we have a live PA from Jamal Moss whom makes tracks under his given name and all these psudoyms:… Continue reading live, direct, and uncut

Juking live at KStarke Records

11/12/09 Oh man, still in the mists of finishing this last semester, but on a fantastical whim I recorded a mix of what I called ghetto tracks in the mid 1990's; which is now called Juke at KStarke records in Chicago.  The owner, Kevin was banging a mix of Acid from all over the world… Continue reading Juking live at KStarke Records