The Chocolate Dice EP
The Chocolate Dice EP

I am back and this time it is in the form of a 3 track 12″ named, The Chocolate Dice EP on D3 Elements. Here I make a record with three distinct different flavors: Acid, Deep House, and Techno that brings great diversity to this release. Here are some prose from the label:

French label D3 Elements returns to Chicago for its next EP, this time looking to the assured house talents of Hakim Murphy for three tracks of raw, dense grooves right from the heart of the Windy City. Opener ‘Boxbeat’ is a curious, freaky jam with bobbing percussive hits, wonky, pixel thin synth lines and free roaming pads that wrap the whole thing in a nice sense of spaced-out serenity. ‘Taste o’Rainbow’ has a much more firmly planted kick drum that pounds away uninterrupted below a free flowing brew of modulate synth sounds. It’s expertly reduced and masterfully reserved and is sure to send dance floors wild as a result. The flipside cut ‘Freshness’ has pinging drums and a big, frazzled bass line as slithering chords rain down the face. Musical yet jacking, cosmic yet propulsive, it is a perfectly contemporary Chicago house sound that rounds out a fine EP from one of the best in the game.

Boxbeat///A subterranean kick drum begins to pulsate, quickly joined by an acid line and then another line. Meanwhile the percussion strikes in the background, and a chord progression appears that modulates along with the acid lines. This modulation complements each other and the tune plays a game of cat and mouse with each other until the end.

Taste O’Rainbow/// A massive kick with an open hihat start the tune followed by a pulsating organ chord. Next a filtered chord progression makes an appearance which leads us to the B section, which is a nice bass and melody line that the original percussion waves underneath to keep the groove going. Then finally we arrive back to the original A section.

Freshness///A bass and arp line began the tune while the kick bumps and hihats strike. Then a syncopated chord progression appears followed by a different synth line that modulates with long notes. In the middle a short melody line appears and then all the previously mentioned elements mix with each other; which finally brings up back to the beginning pattern with all the percussion elements striking to end the tune.

Hence, The Chocolate Dice EP: Because you never know what you going to get!

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