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Innerspace Halflife is back in the mix with a single on Bloody Mary’s label Dame-Music. Backed with two remixes from French artists’ the Jaydes and Anaxander. Custom LSE is born, big like a luxury car on the long A side that sways between house and techno; the waveforms beat for 9:19. The remixes are holding down the B side with the Jaydes’ remix playing followed by Anaxader’s recustomizasheun. Label one sheet below:

For their 27th release Dame-Music is proud to present the Chicago based duo Innerspace Halflife with “Custom LSE“ EP. Hakim Murphy and Ike Release, a.k.a Innerspace Halflife, first appeared on Dame-Music with their remix of Anaxander “You saved my Soul“ last year. Following their latest 12 inch LP “Astral Travelling“ on Synapsis Records,The Chicago “Smart bar“ residents return on Bloody Mary’s imprint for their own EP including remix from The Jaydes and Anaxander. With “Custom LSE“, Innerspace Halflife delivered a cosmic techno tune spiced up by an acidic bass line and solid drums pattern.

As we gently get introduced to the galactic spirit of the track, chords of atmospheric pads reveal themselves matching perfectly the percussion line keeping the flow running through that journey in an other galaxy.

The Jaydes transformed “Custom LSE“ into a a peak time Techno banger keeping the pressure level high with a shortened bass-line filtered sweep through the all length. On his end, Anaxander re-customised the original track by adding rhythmic elements on his own arrangement develloping a moodier temper and increasing the overall speed of the tune.

Custom LSE///Wavy sounds start as the beat pulsates and the percussion builds up. The kick gets thicker, meanwhile toms and the bassline start to speak. Long notes fill out the rest of the frequency spectrum as they every so much change pitch. Uptempo and full of energy the bass line stabs the speaker cones. Sit back and enjoy the luxury waveforms.

Custom LSE (the Jaydes Remix)///The remix begins with a slim down version of the bassline that takes over the focus with varying intensity, percussions moves into the background. Suddenly the chords appear to ease up the tension that leads us back to the fast moving bass which gives this remix a more minimal feel.

Custom LSE (Anaxader Recustomizasheun)///Ends the project with much atmosphere and some of the original IH percussion. Anaxader decides to begin his version with filter chords and later, drops the bassline that moves on like the original. Then, the bassline is refreaked and switches accents twice, gaining energy every few phrases, making it a very effective recustomizasheum.

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