Ike Release kicks off his imprint Episodes with a white label affair that features artwork from a riot; that is all in all an episode. This 12″ called Subsequent features three tracks by Ike and one “reminnterpretation” by myself of the title track. Ike who in previous years was making experimental Bass music creates a release that is strong in its Chicago fundamentals with quite clearly a classic sound through the use of old Roland drums and emotive melody lines.. The percussion is very syncopated and the overall project is dance floor friendly.

Subsequent///Strings and syncopated drums began as a main synth line appears to drive the track. A deep bassline persists to strike as percussion breathes to keep subsequently banging.

Puntigam///Sparse synths hit as the track builds and toms take over, leading you to a deep melody line, which is quickly joined by a bass line. The movement of the percussion grooves, making this tune a nice one for the dance floor.

Subsequent(Hakim Murphy Reminnterpretation)///Rocking from the essence as the kick drum sounds and the bass appears, then the filtered melody line appears as sporadic percussion sounds to trade emphasis with itself. Darker with a slightly different bounce for my reminnterpretation.

Wetworks///Ends the journey with a bit of atmosphere and some deep chords. Very aggressive in its beat with metallic sound effects as an acid bassline moves. Shimmering for effect the bassline become the main force as drum programming is shown off, then suddenly more of the lush chords come back to end the journey.

This marks the end of Episodes01 as a jacking Chicago 12″, look for Episodes02 to come soon as we get into the mood to go cosmic.

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