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Wet Analog EP


So I am back in ep mode, this time on Episodes as the second release rocking, named Wet Analog EP. I am exploring a new sound with some, semi-analog tunes. Well I did record some hardware into the computer, but I think I was able to keep the raw feel and freeness of not using a computer sequencer. Actually this ep was taking from an album I did called Wet Underwear Diaries when it was sizzling in Chicago this summer. So this is a new sound that will rock your eardrums; jack tracks, beatdown and techno at a house tempo is presented in this next episode. Unique and idiosyncratically beating limited edition Hakim Murphy jams for your vinyl collection. This stripped down sound goes like this:

Technis///begins the A side with some drums as two synth lines sound, one becomes really static and full while the other one sounds for rhythm. Meanwhile the drums are moving to help you along the cosmic trip.

Analog Stroll///is the second tune on the A side and it is at beatdown pace. The drums move as a bass and melody lines appear. Hi-hats shuffle and claps syncopate to make the rhythm. The melody and bass call back and forth to each other.

BBQ Knobs///starts the B side fast and shuffling with kick delays in the intro. Bubbly percussion sounds as a synth line begins and quickly a melody shows up to speak. The drums take you to new sections as the synth lines disappear just to reappear and subtly change.

Tunnel Dark///ends the 12″with hard fast beats. A pulsating bassline sounds as tweaked out toms syncopate. Then a dark synth line comes in over the top, as all is playing and the feel is of a tunnel. Relentlessly beating tune with lots of subtle movements.

Welcome to some of my rawest tunes to date and I am happy to present them on Episodes.




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