espisodes05 insert
episodes05 insert

Episodes05 has arrived this time with another Chicago collaboration called Pegasus Heat which is Hakim Murphy and Chicago Skyway. Three tunes created in Little Village, Chicago with a remix from Ike Release. This is quite an episode. Acid combined with deep house permeates from the speakers into your eardrums. Melodies and synths lines move around as Pegasus Heat is born.

As temperatures rise into the hot ‘n’ sticky in the Windy City, Pegasus Heat touches down with their debut EP for EPISODES. The newly-formed Chicago duo ignites the decks with 3 tracks of beating, purely analog jam-outs accompanied by a remix from Ike Release (MOS Deep). Limited vinyl only.

Mastered by Dietrich @ Complete. Manufactured by A+R. Distributed by Crosstalk Intl.

Here are the sound samples:

a1.Candy Mountain///Melody lines start as sparse percussion begins the tune. Drum movement leads to a chord progression, meanwhile an acid line flickers in the background. Later another synth line shows up, and the conversations between the track elements sweetly commences.

a2.Yum Yum///Deep bass starts this tunes, as a good mix of synth sounds blend back and forth giving a truly deep house feel. Chords appear with a melody arpeggio over the top as the beat descends into deepness.

b1.Doorbell Action///Syncopated percussion starts as the tune becomes an acid track. The swing on the drums is augmented by the Jazzy chord stabs. Interplay between the acid and drums make for a raw feel.

b2.Yum Yum (Ike Release Gummi Remix)///Ike filters out the tune while adding a  bassline and additional drum programming. This combination of elements add for an interesting retake, as we go deeper into the cosmos through Ike’s eyes.

Distributed by Crosstalk.

JunoPlus preview.

hakim murphy

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