Innerspace Halflife is inspired by anime as we give vivid presentation of fictional and foreign concepts of martial arts moves. Experiments in sound design bringing these concepts to life as an three track EP. Electronic, deep, and with an acid flare to present a 12″ called “Village Hidden in the Sound” on Finale Sessions.

A1. Body Flicker///We begin with longing chords and some classic Chicago sounding drums. A lead starts to flicker back and forth on top. As the beat builds, a bass arp line comes through to fill the bottom frequencies.

A2. Fan Nation///Banging drums begin as the acid line hits to much movement.  The momentum continues to grow as the drums continue to morph and a synth arpeggio joins in to fill out the rest of the track. The feel of a carnival, dedicated to the fire breathers.

B1. Outer Path///Slower minor key track, that seems to draw out some emotions with a boxy kick and synth lick that comes and goes. Later a synth line appears to take over, later numbers are spoken as the other melody line comes in to add to the conversation.

Press atThe Ranson Note

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