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Terraforming is associated with planet design, in my context it refers to track design. Freeform is letting the cosmos guide one’s motion into a thing or something that has value. So III Rivers from Manchester asked me to get down on a release and thus Freeform Terraforming is born. Three tracks with different feels but all house that takes one on a journey of deep chords, squelching acid lines, and free interpretation of feelings from deep within. Let’s peep the sounds:

Smog///Begins the 12″ with some distorted synth sounds that lead into an acid line. The waveforms continue to build as the kick drops, hazy feelings are presented coupled with interesting drum programming. The slower tempo also brings out a unique feel to begin this project.

Vortex///A pulsating kick drum starts as sparse percussion strikes in a syncopated time. Meanwhile swirling chord progressions live behind the beat. Like a water spout in the middle of the ocean, the percussion comes and goes while the chords come in and out of consciousness.

Spanking Tables///Deep feel right off the bat, as percussion sounds, chord stabs build up until we get to the chord progression. The chords ring louder while the bass and tomes come in to fill the space between the beats. Continuously moving along and suddenly more percussion comes in to add more depth to the tune.

Here is the copy from the label prose:

More extra-terrestrial, technoid vibrations from the Ill River nucleus.
This latest transmission delivered by the one and only Hakim Murphy; and received through biosynthesized artefacts planted on Earth by the higher civilizations during the Great Experiment.

Reports of strange noises in the sky have been circulating since 2010, posing many questions as to their origin.

Secretly, III Rivers have been communicating with the space beings, securing their place in the interstellar Shangri-la when at last we finally transcend the cosmos.

“Smog” is the initial signal to land – beginning with cascading bleeps and sonars before a buzzing sawtooth assumes first contact. Proceeding to encapsulate all Earthlings with its electromagnetic hum – it’s no wonder people are rushing to the top of apartment blocks to try and bootleg this shit on their phones.

“Vortex” is next, taking us right through the wormhole into the domain of machine-elves and humongous multi-headed entities, all eager to show us the porthole to paradise. A blissful bubble of ricocheting snares, delectable synth rubs and celestial goodness awaits.

“Spanking Tables” concludes the set and sees Hakim display his amazing control of percussion and unusual sounds; comfortably easing us in with our new galactic friends. Synthetic toms, drifting pads and sharp hats all converging on our bodies.

Beautiful stuff. Maybe the Maya were just a year too early!

Cosmic psychic prose above. Here is a podcast I made to support the record.

Distributed by All Ears.

Available at:



RedEye Records


Rush Hour



hakim murphy

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