Analog Schema EP
Analog Schema EP

I am back in the fold, getting into my swing as I kick off a new label from Rome called Instruction. I present Analog Schema EP as I dive deeper into my analog gear to present tunes that sound thick and moving. Minimal sounding at first glance, but the subtleties fill up the waveforms of the three track EP. Let’s get into the sounds:

Hyperspace Gate///Features long chords, crunchy drums, beating bassline, and a synth line that takes you on a journey. Sometimes stopping but then continuously moving like travel through a hyperspace gate.

Bumps///Beating percussion dominates as the drum machine thumps. Suddenly, a synth toms bang for the B section. Then the A section comes back in slowly just to turn back to the B section; meanwhile the percussion continues to groove.

Throw  Up (Maple Ave)///Effects dominate the percussion, as the crashes start the beginnng of phrases. Random synth waves give flavor to the tune as it proceeds to beat up woofers .

Banging tight analog grooves dominate as we began the Instruction label.

hakim murphy

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