First Kiss
kiss-1101 side A
First Kiss B Side
Kiss-1101 side B

Once again, I find myself in a position to kick off a new label. This time with a single that seriously moves as I take an acid basslines and ghost out the rest of the track with crazy atmosphere. Meanwhile, on the flip side there are two unique sounding remixes by Santiago Salazar.

In any case, I’m honored to be the focus of the first stolen kiss! The prose from the one sheet are below:

Stolen Kisses recruited Hakim Murphy, a rising star of Chicago’s house scene, for its First Kiss. “Infinite Sensations” is rather unlike his previous work, a dark, moody track driven by salvos of cutting percussion that give rise to glowering synth progressions and ominous blooms of sub-bass.

It’s paired with two remixes from Los Angeles’ Santiago Salazar, the UR-affiliated artist whose solo productions have been highlights for labels such as Rush Hour, Macro, and his own Historia Y Violencia imprint. His “S2 Grind Remix” tunnels through the original, finding hypnotic techno bliss in vibrating synths lines. The jangling “S2 Sucio Remix” gets hips shaking by focusing on the tune’s lighter side, whirling around chipper motifs with a distinctly Latin sensibility.

First Kiss will see release July 19th, 2011 and will be distributed worldwide, both physically and digitally, by Crosstalk International.

3 thoughts on “kiss1101”

  1. Congrats to all parties concerned. What a nice way to launch a label. All 3 tracks are distinctly different, therefore it should recieve positive attention from a broad spectrum of Dj’s. My favorite mix is the original ,of course (although I may be a bit impartial). Santiago, Steve, and Hakim, nice work fellas.

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