New entity Late Night Running called on Innerspace Halflife, DJ Aakmael, and Glitchell Moore to complete remixes from artist 25 places for a project called X9 EP. The one sheet is below:

Late Night Running 001
25 Places X9 EP
Limited to 220 copies

Late Night Running is a Rotterdam-based multidisciplinary initiative that is created out of sympathy
for those who are willing to run hard for their beliefs. When one is sucked through the barriers of time,
where days become nights and vice versa, we like to speak of ”Late Night Running”.

The first physical effort out of the LNR camp comes in the form of a nicely designed 12” by the likes of 25 places. This duo has it’s roots
in the working class city of Rotterdam, but also lived elsewhere for some time, working long nights in the advert industry. They’ve been
based in Berlin for several months in 2012, where the X9 ideas were first created.

Those who are familiar with the city of Berlin will realize that both tracks are in reference to certain bus and metro-lines of the city.
In 2014 these well produced tracks will finally see the light of day on a special handstamped 12” with a diptych silkscreened limited sleeve.
It wouldn’t be Late Night Running if we hadn’t bring in two of the most respected hard working acts in electronic music on remix duties.
USA based and well respected ”Aakmael” delivers an excellent journey of deepness which leans on the use of analog gear and mesmerizing
synthlines. ”Innerspace Halflife” came up with a progressive piece which evokes obstinate feelings that will remind you of concrete buildings
and otherworldly enviroments. For the digital release Rotterdam based ”Gitchell Moore” tops off this special first effort with an
intergalactic synth voyage.

LNR001 – 25 Places – X9 (Incl. Aakmael, Innerspace Halflife Remixes) will be available at all specialized retailers starting May 19th.

Available at / Juno / Clone / Rushhour / Phonica / Itunes / Beatport

X9///Begins with some banging roland drums, toms are rolling, and the bass drops. This crunchy tune moves in a very methodical way, making way for vocal sample that leads into a short melody. Deep house for the heads.

U12///Hard kicks begin as a droning stab appears and a bass drops to carry the drive of the tune. Synths dash around, with vocal samples sprinkled in between the beats. Many bass tones give a darker feel to this tune.

X9(DJ Aakmael Remix)///Jacking drums begin, and a chord is freaked out to create a bass tone with lush backing tones. Percussion rains deep, as the track moves, a solo comes in… Deep in the house, super soulful.

X9(Innerspace Halflife Remix)///909 rock as a combination melody and harmony begin with oscillating vocal samples. The 303 acid line comes in for a quick moment, to then switch places with the bass and back again. Acid.

X9(Glitchell Moore Remix)///Melody line begins with slow swelling purcussion. Break beats abound, the electro style bass drops as the tune feels out with percussion and another melody and some harmony. Slightly Detroit, slightly Berlin, but 100% breaks.

Continuous motion as another project begins.

Hakim Murphy


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