Post Industrial EP

Innerspace Halflife is back with another three track EP but this time on a French label called Latency Recordings. Raw and uncut; with nasty pads as the Post Industrial EP is born. Taking inspiration from the urban landscapes of Chicago, while pushing the boundaries of the Deep House with beefy kicks and emotive chords. Vinyl only. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Handmade screen printed sleeves. Comes with hand-numbered poster and booklet. Metallic sequences, hypnotic pulsations, groovy rhythms and deep raw chords. With this three track EP, Innerspace Halflife delivers an authentic piece of Chicago’s finest electronic music.

Crown Vic///Beating kicks and panning percussion begin this tune as toms do it Chicago style. The bassline hits with sparse synth stabs, meanwhile a build up continues and deep pad chords persist to keep it deep.

Edo Tensei///Strong kicks begin as cosmic chords ring and swell in the background. Percussion is moving and suddenly an synth arpeggio appears to take over the lead and the switches back to the swelling chords.

Sink Monster///Gurgle, gurgle, as the kick drum beats, percussion strikes and the chords come in followed by the bassline; forever moving slightly to tug at your psyche. Welcome to the underground realm of the sink monster.

Available at:


K Records


hakim murphy

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