Acid Basics EP

So the vinyl of Machining Dreams has finally materialized.  I dropped a cd a few years ago and now here is the first vinyl piece from me, Hakim Murphy.  Acid Basics EP is a four track banger.  This release will be for the party rocking jocks whom want to bang a few good acid tunes.  The joint is a limited edition, I’m only pressing 200 copies, so get them if you want.  So enough said, here’s the sound samples.

Alkame: Moves and moves and moves as the acid synth line liquidizes; meta-morphing into a journey of subtle waveforms.

Rebcubx: Deals with the concept of revolution, with dual acid line action and some words about Revolution.

Octogon Polywog: Brings the straight up acid sound loud and clear to the front.  The synth line pulsates and breathes as the highs whisk past the ear drums.

the Artificial Tsunami: An artificial tsunami of sounds that built up into destruction and then comes down.  Rocking and shaking the floor the tsunami causes destruction to the subs.

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