Vanguard Sound Vol. 1
Vanguard Sound Vol. 1

Attention, attention, number004 materializes.

Poetry in motion, Machining Dreams presents a new collective that specializes in seeing with the third eye! Vanguard Sound is on the advance with the first volume from a collection of music architects. In this edition, Chicago and New York decide to form like Voltron with this sonic commentary on reality. Equipped for all occasions, the flexible Vanguard Sound brings you Acid, Deep, Beatdown, and Techno all on one 12″! Human senses will be on alert as one’s brain articulates the waveforms at the speed of sound. Sound Samples below:

pulsate phosphorus – first up, Hakim Murphy comes through with a flowing acid tune that defies gravity. Soon after the acid line hits, beautiful chords intoxicate one’s inner ear, causing individuals to ponder about the universe. Several acid lines slither through this journey; through the mind of Murphy’s murky psyche.

excites me – secondly, G. Marcell bangs out a serious deep house groover. G. begins his story with a syncopated melody line that later turns into a sweet sounding siren. When this happens, one can only bounce their head to the rhythm. Meanwhile, augmenting chords develop and begin to speak while the undertone pads hold down the rhythm, and finally toms appear to complete the ride.

dystopia – side B, DJ Spider brings the grime to the forefront, blowing up the spot with a beatdown track perfect for fighting the propaganda of commercialism. The dissonant chords strike first as the beat travels along through a journey of real talk. Bounce, bounce, percussion, synth; all up in your face, basically going hard core: Adjective for dystopia = nasty!

black ops – lastly but not least, Amir Alexander & Dakini9 groove and expose covert minds through smashing waveforms and vocal samples. The bassline keeps moving as you are taken on a trip through recent American history; a melody line drops, emotions flare, but your head continues to move.  Mad props, yall took it underground, I mean to the abyss.

So it begins!

hakim murphy


2 thoughts on “mdreams004”

  1. It took a few delays and a lot of dedication and perseverance to bring this one to the people, but it was all worth it. As a Dj. I can and will play all 4 of these tracks in one set. As a producer and crew member, I am very proud of my peeps.
    Thank-you all for doing your part to put Vanguard Sound on the map.

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