Examplars EP; the contemporary tunes materializing from my mind is next up on Machining Dreams. Red and underground, four tunes that radiate machine funk as the variation offers choices of house. This collection of tunes has materialized and now can finally be presented in this 4 track EP of soul through synthesis:

Essential//Begins with a deep bass that continues through the whole tune. Then chords begin to sound and your head starts to bounce. High notes speak as the track moves to a break down and picks you back up again.

EMPB//Mechanical sounding at first then breaks into sweet harmonies that reach out and grab your inner-stylings through seriously banging drums. Crunchy is a good adjective for this piece.

Melody Banger//Melodies strike about as the 707 drums beat. The melody keeps droning as it changes note register, the bass moves as some chords appear later to seal the deal with your eardrum.

Magda C2//Crazy banger that will mess with you sensibilities, as the drums hit the bass line destroys to re-invent itself through synthesis. Then chords appear to supplement the radial movement in the tones.

hakim murphy

Available at:

Machining Dreams



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