008 is Innerspace Halflife; a collaboration between Hakim Murphy and Ike Release as we have created a cosmic palette of futuristic sounds that give homage to the spirit of Chicago Jack. Organic collisions appeared with this three track 12″ called Cosmology EP.

Fodder///Starts out with stuttering kick drums and some wonky acid lines that play between each other until underwater chords come and speak. Interplay between the chords and the acid line continues until the journey ends.

Stratosphere///Deep bass notes groove right after the atmosphere hits, deeper organ tones sound as the percussion gets a little sporadic. A bass melody line comes in and tweaks the B section. Then as suddenly as the melody comes, the organ tones come back to finish.

Grey Matter///Crazy atmosphere begins the journey with the pulsating bassline that is quickly joined by some percussion. Later another melody line comes to speak.

Pre-order here:

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