mdreams010 side A
mdreams010 side A
mdreams010 side B
mdreams010 side B

010 materializing as an Ike Release 12″ called Chasing Quasars EP on Machining Dreams. The five track project goes backward while looking forward as Ike presents a classic sound using contemporary principles. The sound of this vinyl is quite unique as it maintains its hard edginess yet very emotive and analog. I am remix duty to add to the melee. Just remember, “The things you own end up owning you”. Enough prose, let’s check the sound samples:

(Ode)To My Own///Banging drums begin while the main synth melody creeps in. Words are spoken then an emotive string melody comes into complement the piece.

Ode Essey///Interlude with the strings taking presence of this moment, a bassline appears with sparse spooky words in the background.

(Ode)To My Own (Hakim Murphy Re-synthesis)///I remake the tune as I start with the strings as an alternate re-synthesis is born.

BioJack///Percussion strikes to establish the bounce feel. Then a bassline creeps in as the percussion settles and picks up again. Drum machine funk is going as the chords begin within the pulsating beat.

Moon Boots///Wild synths begin with a counterpoint melody at the beggining of the piece. Which then moves into a bassline and then the full fledge part of the tune starts. Percussion goes hard for the duration.

Available in January 1, 2013.

Distributed by Crosstalk.

Available at Gramaphone.

hakim murphy

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