Innerspace Halflife is responsible for the materialization of 012 on Machining Dreams. This spaced out 4 track project is titled Orbital Maneuvers. Emotional and cosmic tunes that focus on outer space themes. Each tune is completely different from the other but share a common thread of infinite possibilities. Neo-acid house to straight deep house, this 12″ will get one in touch with space.

Polar North///Composed on a hot summer day, drums start syncopating, then chords join, followed by a organic synth line. The tune continues to evolve as the chords and synths continue to fluctuate. The spreading waveforms sound like a trip through a rain forest on moon of Neptune.

Transmolecular Crunch///Crunch is the right description, the beats jack to start as sound effects fill up the tune. Later melody and harmony come in as chord stabs and strings. This track will make you jack down to your molecules, transfer you molecules to the beat.

Macrocosm Engineering///An explosion cues the kick that leads into a longing melody. Muddy chords take over as the percussion begins to groove. Later the harmony and melody come together and is joined by a bassline. Can you hear the spirit being composing the galaxies?

Laidover///Chords, drums, and ambience begin, the bassline takes the lead. Chords support the bassline as the tunes gets continues to sound in harmony. The fastest track out of the project and the spot where one takes a rest as this is the end of Orbital Maneuvers.

Distributed by Crosstalk

hakim murphy

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