013 materializes as a long player titled Spectrum Prints on Machining Dreams by myself. A single 12″ with seven compositions; 3 ambient and 4 proper tunes that dig deep into one’s psyche with emotive sounds and highly rhythmic syncopation. Recorded with mostly analog gear, so the warmth is present as the sound pallette is completely full of life. In this project I try to cover a full spectrum of waveforms that are printed on vinyl, hence the name Spectrum Prints.

Sat Feedback///The odyssey begins with a beatless tune of rolling apregiations that are constantly fluctuating within a little less than a minute; airy with much delay, the 12″ is introduced.

Beats of Tempura///Rolling percussion strikes and leads a listener into a deep chord progression. To augment the sound a rolling bassline appears, giving much energy to the tune. Lots of tension and release points throughout as the warm waveforms vibrate through the speakers.

Wobble///With a strange time signature, chords fuzzily move through the air. The percussion constantly changing, leading to an under water bass sound. The aqua tune is definitely below sea level. Melody intermixed with the harmony calls back and forth to each other, meanwhile the percussion continues to move.

Subsonic Calls///Ambient drones of high notes and low rumbles of bass tones delay throughout this piece. Sounding like a slow siren, the feeling of an alien countryside landscape is portrayed. Late some more reverb and distortion is added to continue the calling.

Ally///Begins the B side with percussion and Asian inspired appregiations. Toms sound that leads a listener to some melodies and a chord progression. The bass line is legato and sounds sparsely, the percussion moves and moves, meanwhile build ups swell causing emotive responses.

Melody of…///Percussion and chord drones begin as the chord changes a motif is born. This melody begins in the low register and moves around changing octaves. The chords are supporting in the background as the motif changes timing and octave. Very expressive tune that is kind of sad and melancholy.

Irregular Rhythm Transmission///The LP ends as it begins with ambient goodness. Rumbling low notes sound that vary in intensity, very sparsely the beats moves, suddenly a slow melody appears as the low notes continue to tweak. Basically a cosmic transmission between interstellar friends.

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Distributed by Crosstalk.


hakim murphy

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