Innerspace Halflife materializes 015 on Machining Dreams to follow up the Custom LSE single on Dame Music and the Astral Traveling album on Synapsis Records. Antimatter EP appears in the form of four tunes that go into acid, techno, and house through syncopated drum rhythms and playful synth work. This EP continues on the space theme, as the cosmos guides the tunes from concept into some deep floor bangers that vary in tempo and feel, like antimatter which is one of the hardest things to produce.

SOMA15///Shuffling hihats begin as percussion strikes and a kick drum hits, a vocoder comes in to spread some words in the form of a chord. The acid line comes in and starts grooving, meanwhile, the percussion keeps moving as the acid line changes. Chords jump in to join the fast moving tune as the acid line, chords, vocoder and percussion all play off each other until end. This is how the EP begins.

Dancing Reflections///Longing pads sound as claps echo to stand out amongst all the elements. A melody line appears that leads into another set of chords that helps to pick up the pace of the tune. Like a vortex, the chords and melody swish together, spinning a listener’s brain waves. Just when the tension is over, a small break commences and the longing chords from the beginning are back and we begin the journey again, hence dancing reflections.

mScience///A chord begins and switches tonality that leads in the the acid bass, that moves like liquid detergent in the wash. Old sounding drums move in a groovy way as the chords progression continues to ring out in the background. The bass comes in and out, towards the end of the tune the chords become louder taking over the main focus like an audio illusion.

Dueling Korgs5///The EP comes to an end with a very colorful tune that features a flurry of notes and moving drum beats. The tension builds as the percussion becomes more complex which leads us into another flurry of arp notes. Electric and fluid, a chord progression comes in to calm down the tune a bit, yet the percussion is still moving subtly through a slight lull, and then all the elements of the tune come back to fill out the rest of the track creating an esoteric feel.

 Distributed by Crosstalk

Available at:


Red Eye



Rush Hour

hakim murphy

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