Machining Dreams is also a Chicago based record label run by Hakim Murphy. Hakim is proud to present his first solo cd called To Be or not To Be House! This cd contains 10 joints that vary in style and each represent their own musical tails.

The concept behind Machining Dreams is that songs that a producer creates is the act of humans materializing sound wave forms that arise from the subconscious.

1. Bubbles: This Acid bubbler brings a total retro-feel of Chicago with classical principals. The bass and lines of Bubbles move around to funk you up. Jacking, jacking, and more jacking in a “good” loft party is the sensation of Bubbles.

2. Homage Por Comm Orchestra: This track is an homage to computer progress. The drums materialize from the Commodore 6400 sound program. This homage is filled with bumpy lines and a wide array of timbres. Homage Por Comm Orchestra is for maxing or jacking. Thank you computers and synths!

3. Loveskitt: Is a friendly synth jam that progresses to represent one’s movement between one another at a society scene. Mostly staying the same but adding to the flavor as track moves along. The drums are moving along supporting the bass and horn jabs. The appregiated strings add a space effect that symbolize love.

4. Raw Knodding: What up MC-303, this track was made on that module. The sound is jacking, raw, beats and baselines. The crispy highs, ah, Raw Knodding materializes into wave forms.

5. Johnny Tightlip: Back to representing the hybrid acid jams. The longing chords appear and the line attacks. The drums began breathing with the tones making it one, Johnny Tightlip.

6. Butterscotch: In short the track makes make taste sense feel Butterscotch. The melodies and deep bass, makes for a joyus occasion for a listener. A House track for chilling pleasure.

7. The Project: The Project is a fusion. A Tech House track with a breakbeat. The bouncy bass and synth line make for Techno characteristics, the deep chords make the fusion compete.

8. Circle: A House or Techno Jam? You decide, the concept is for the track to continuing to keep moving in a circle. The bass line moves, and the chords come with Hakim Murphy explaining the concept of the circle in human civilization.

9. Eraser: Eraser is dedicated to cats who go out and erase there minds while partying. The chord progression and melody tell a story. The bass line appregiates seemlessly.

10. Deep March: Times up, this House is the end of this session of dreams. Fabricated one year in March, the bassline is deep, and the chords are dreamy. The melody comes in and the B sections occurs with a grooving bass line.

This release is avaliable through Groove Distribution in Chicago.  contact:

Also contact for further inquiries.

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