Machining Dreams is back with its 4th cd and this time in collaboration form between Hakim Murphy and G. Marcell as Resonating. This album called Synonym features 4 collaboration and 2 solo tunes from each of us. Merging talents as we are bread one and the same, so 8 tracks coming at you from Resonating that is uniquely Chicago. Beating drums, longing melodies and chords, and syncopated rhythms all await a listener, so let us get to the sound samples:

Weird and Don’t Give a Funk///We bless up this cd with a tune from G. Marcell. Almost drop this on his Sound Extravagance EP 12″, but was replaced with three tunes. So we begin with a 13 minute journey with a moving synth and a long chord. The beat drops and later the harmonies open up into a nice chord progression. Elusively, the track changes into a house tune as a melody and bass line come in to finish the second part of the tune.

Clockers///I am up next with some beats that begin with a chord progression that dominates the sound, meanwhile percussion begins to support the tune. The focus remains on the chord progression as it continues to move around, slightly oscillating.

Double Back///The first collaboration tune, starts out deep as the chords radiate emotion. The kick drops as the chords continue to speak, the percussion hits and a bass synth line syncopates on the bottom to sure up the journey of groove.

Enfirma///I am back in the next tune with a classic track in my style. Cluster drums on the percussion tip with some tough sounding toms. Meanwhile a synth line rides out with brief appearances from a melody line.

SR///G. Marcell is back on deck as he starts the tune with some classic hand claps and bass line riff. As the tune progresses, percussion hits and another melody line comes in supported later by two different string notes. The swirling effects take place as the the tune continues to bang.

J707///Collaboration track number 2 begins with some classic drum machines sounds. Droning strings sound as a synth line moves in to take over the lead of the tune. Later the strings and synth line begin oscillating, minimal in sound but subtlety deep.

The Punk///Collaboration 3 begins with more classic drum machine sounds and some emotive chords. A synth line comes in and freaks for a while, meanwhile the chords over the top continue to speak. Later a bass line comes in the middle of the tune, says its thing and then disappears back into the ether as the first synth line re-appears. All the while the chords continue to evolve until the end.

T606///We end the project with the 4th collaboration track as we slow down the tempo and jack slowly. The classic 606 drums move around and a nice melody appears, accompanied by a sublime bass sound. The effects are in full effect, as the percussion jacks.

Distributed at Crosstalk.

Available at Gramaphone.

hakim murphy

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