Ah yes, I am back with an alias project for Machining Dreams. I present hm505505 explorations. This cd is the culmination of many techniques I learned through the years from recording. Earlier in the millennium I was at the 101 stage, now in 2013 I represent the 505. This exploration takes simple ideas and elaborates to build into something for dance floors world wide. Released for my summer 0f 2013 tour. This is the birth of hm505.

camera angle///Sparse percussion begins as a synth line picks up the groove. Then chords sound as pads to further thicken the tune. Simultaneously many filters and delays sound to add to the flavor.

lawndale///Drum pattern beats start as a one chord note begins the sonic aggression, which is swiftly followed by bass, strings, and synth sounds. Chords come to light when the hi hats pick up the pace. Constant movement of the deep house tune continues until conclusion.

p inhaler///Melody notes begin as a low tom bangs out below the percussion. A nice syncopated line appears to establish the rhythm. Then a chord progression comes to augment the tune. Moving and moving, the piece continues to offer many possibilities of sonic goodness.

memory glands///Reverb on the kick slightly accents the tone in the introduction that leads a listener into two synth lines. The bass is strong, meanwhile the chords rain down and morph through the speakers.

late night deep///Conceived late at night, a few sprinkles of over-driven percussion begin as a chord progressions takes the lead, which is quickly followed by a bass line. As the tune moves forward effects swoosh around, eventually a Japanese phrase about late night partying appears as all the instruments continue there movement.

aggresive moe///The pace picks up a little with a more pronounced kick, only the percussion rides for a bit, and two syncopated synth lines show up shortly after each other in succession. A fun filled ride of drum machine sounds, effects, and a conversation between two since lines make up the rest of the piece.

hiltd///The machines are talking as noise is presented for this acid jam. Two acid lines play with each other through call and response, meanwhile the entire tune is swishing around from time to time through effects. Acid for the heads.

undercurrent///I begin to wind down the cd as the tempo goes slower. A synthline hits on most of the 16th notes with varying accents that rides for quite awhile. Later a melody line rings in over the top. The percussion begins to build up due to hi hat motion giving the illusion of a faster tempo. But like a real undercurrent, the sonics never stop.

excur///The slowest tune ends this affair with a fine synth line that soothes the brain waves. Liquid feels coming to the surface as foreplay between synths. Drums move around as the synths continue their flirtation.

hakim murphy

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