hm505 is back with album called Tone Poems. Nine tunes made in the live pa setting that is racing to be the first to the speaker woofers for maximum jack. Many textures radiate from this hm505 set of sonic feelings that have been crafted for the dance floor.

pa2///A chord line begins as the kick pulsates, warm synth percussion starts as deep strings penetrate while the track is developing its character. The upper frequency spectrum brightens, coupled with more chords tones that transform and begin the journey of Tone Poems.

pa9///Thuds beat as highly filtered percussion begins the crunchy sound of hits, bloops, and blips. Chords appear to add some color meanwhile the arrangement becomes more fluid as more sounds start to appear. The bass and synth line make up the main theme as the chords back them up with emotive strikes that calls back in forth with the percussion.

pa11///Bumping kicks boom from the speakers causing maximum wolfer destruction that leads us into a melody line while percussion sparkles in the background. A growly bass line appears and later, the melody comes back to continue the bounciness until the conclusion of the tune.

pa14///A chunked out arpeggiation begins as the kick drum beats to set a solid tempo. Crunchy modulation persists as the filtered notes move around and through this arrangement breathes more life into this poem. A saw bass synth then comes into the limelight while the tune continues to evolve. The modulation comes back to continue the journey through time.

pa15///This break beat poem appears midway through the project as a sparse synth line strikes and the percussion morphs in the background, leading to an melody synth that rattles the senses. A second synth lines comes in to add more texture to the electric nature of the groove fluttering in space.

pa16///Funky rhythms begin as a bass line, kick, and tom sound; all reflecting off each other as the percussion builds and forms. A melody line comes in amidst all the modulation to carry on within the mix mash of sounds. Bouncy waveforms continue to tell the story of this poem.

pa19///The slowest poem makes its appearance as a synth line with minimal volume begins and delays. Slow moving elements begin to appear, most notably more percussion sounds along with an addition synth line. Extraterrestrial in sound, meant to jogged the latent memories trapped inside your DNA.

pa22///An upbeat groove starts as the baseline rocks and the kick gets fatter. The percussion arrives slowly leading into a melody line and the occasional long note from a synth. Soon enough, the tune is moved into its heart with most sounds striking at once and from here the subtraction of parts take place utilizing the philosophy, less is more.

pa25///Ending the album is a deep poem that begins with a nice shuffling bassline and kick. A chord progression sounds as the delay gives off a drugging effect. Soothing beats take precedence in the first part, the second section gives off a very dissonant feel that is signaled by ringing bells. The chords come back to smooth things over as the shuffling baseline reappears and together make the final statement…

Distributed by Crosstalk

Available at Juno