Metamorphic is thrilled to present Wiggles EP by up and coming Chicago producer Hakim Murphy. Hakim first gained recognition as a producer and DJ who rocks floors with his previous releases and compilation appearances on labels like Planet Detroit and Tuning Spork Records. This time Hakim gives us his most forward thinking and crowd moving record to date with Wiggles EP. Hamburg’s man of now and the future, Marc Schneider who is on a serious roll releasing one hot EP and remix after another, brings a building and breathing, relentlessly driving peak time remix. Hakim shows us a world of evolving and blending sound that perfectly melds deepness with driving grooves that grow, pause, and pulsate into tracks that take on a life of their own. The overall effect is future forward and jacking electronic dance music that will simply drive floors mad worldwide.

Wiggles: Is a straight jacking minimal acid tune that will make you bounce your head from beginning to end.

TB3: Is another new acid tune with many different lines that explores the life of jack. Starts with a long intro and progresses into a beater with a deep baseline.

Wiggles (Marc Schneider Remix): Wiggles as told by Hamburg’s Marc Schneider, moves and moves into a traditional Techno joint.

12″ available at Vinyl France, Juno, and many other record stores in Europe and Japan.

Also available for digital download at most digital portals.

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