met026 side A
Black Robots Having Sex EP side A
met026 side B
Black Robots Having Sex EP side B

I’m back with my second release on Dan Curtin’s Metamorphic Recordings with some exciting new house that represent some sexy robot play!  Synthesized strings which symbolize raw computer emotion that ties the sex to the black robots.  Kisses! 0010101101001010110001

One sheet pros below:

Hakim Murphy has been on a roll these past couple of years. He is on a roll and on a mission to take the Chicago house music he loves into the future in the Hakim style, staying true to the jack, groove, and feeling of Chicago while at the same time exploring new territory and his own inner space. After his last EP on Metamorphic, Wiggles, Hakim has gone on to produce a string of releases on labels such as his own Synapsis Records and remixes including a stunning reinterpretation of the classic Welcome to Chicago by Future Forward feat. John Simmons. Now we are again proud to present a flollow up EP from Hakim called Black Robots Having Sex with a very special remix by Metro Area’s Morgan Geist! This 4 track EP shows Hakim at his best covering the full range of his personality, deep melodies, jacking rhythms, and sexy funky robotics. Morgan’s remix of Jupiter Poop is stripped down, thick and warm, focusing on the subtle pulsating sub bass of the original with teases of shimmering melody and solid crisp percussion throughout.

Black Robots Having Sex: Starts out with a rolling bass sound accompanied by some emotional strings that guides the sexual exploits of non-organic lifeforms; broken down into positions that ends in epic fashion.

Jupiter Poop: The pulsating synths and swan like 80’s strings move forward into a may-lay of funky toms and vibrating bass guitar licks.  Let’s kick off the kinky robot pleasures!

Nikki Muscles: The exploits of the most famous black robot porn superstar begins with a study dose of his acid music.  The theme continues to build as Nikki continues to get it oily.  The chords transform into melody lines and back again; finally maturity is found and techniques are refined…

Jupiter Poop (Morgan Geist Remix): Whoa, Morgan Geist snaps off with a Neo-Disco verson of Jupiter Poop that blossoms into a Chicago Techno episode that returns back to the Neo-Disco feel. The strings and bass become the focus and one’s body begins to move.   Morgan highlights his ability to fuse Disco into Techno, nice.

For correspondence  Metamorphic Recordings

Distributed by Syncrophone / Cyber Production
6 Rue Du Commandant Lamy
75011 Paris

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