Area - Dog & Flies EP

A release that combines unique talent that coexist though the Dogs & Flies 12″ on Mindshift Records. These tunes have a trippy Techno feel and offers a journey sounds that will infiltrate eardrums with appearances by m50 aka Area, myself, and label owner Jay Hewlitt aka Murdoc. 3 originals and one re-edit of Area’s – Dog & Flies turned out to be a banger full of maniac emotions which spells trouble6.


Area – dogs & flies///Begins with a droning and syncopating synth lines that are eventually joined by some vocals. Definitely a track for the long blends or one just to chill to.

Hakim Murphy  – dream///Percussion starts as you first fall victim to your unconscious then keys follow as the tune constantly changes and moves as you fall deeper and deeper into sleep.

Area – dogs & flies(Murdoc re-edit)///A harder re-work that will hype up the crowd. Similar sounds to the original but Murdoc manages to bring the feel up a bit for the people who want to bang.

Murdoc – powder burn///Hitting and moving synths that sound like Techno, voices appear as the track moves through its progression.

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Hakim Murphy

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