Well I was honored to have the opportunity to remix one of the greats from Detroit, so when Murdoc told me who it was; I immediately was like send me the parts and I will make this happen. After selecting which track I wanted to give the remix treatment and a few weeks later Eddie Fowlkesthe Broken Jazz EP was born on Mindshift Records. This release offers some interesting sounds as side A is held down by Eddie Fowlkes and side B features Murdoc and myself on remix duty. So let’s get into some descriptions with the sound samples.

Broken Jazz///Kicks begins with sparse effects and percussion that lead into a chord progression. Then the bassline begins while vocal samples are sprinkled in, meanwhile another melody line sounds as the tune turns full swing a few measures after it began.

G One///Percussion and effects begin this piece, as the kick beats hard the bassline comes in to establish the groove. Later more melody lines appear as a spoken word poem sounds to fill up the tune.

G One (Murdoc Remix)///In Murdoc’s remix the bassline is crunchy and the kick is really heavy. Chords come in to supplement the groove, though more minimal then the original, the nice texture more than makes up for it as the kick and bass rattle speaker woofers.

G One (Hakim Murphy Deep 303 Remix)///For my remix I freak out the chords and add the 303 line. The emotive chords and percussion through to the spoken word poem continues to build momentum like a snowball heading down a mountain.

So basically the Broken Jazz EP spans two generations of producers; and if you feeling that Detroit, Chicago, and Seattle vibe then go cop it!

Available at:






hakim murphy

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