Images of a Myth
NM Back Cover

New label called Naissance Musik appears with a fresh collaboration between HEAR and myself called Dream Scoring. The first release is a 4 track EP called Images of a Myth. The release goes into deep mode with its fat set of musical elements and story telling like arrangements. There is a lot to digest here and will require multiple listens to catches of the happenings contained in the tracks. Great for the dance floor and yet still for home listening or museum parties. Here are the prose from the label:

The first release from Naissance Musik (NM) is a 12” vinyl from the super-group Dream Scoring (HEAR and Hakim Murphy) entitled Images of a Myth. It is comprised of 4 tracks. A myth is a legendary story that a community validates to explain part of its reality. However any member or group within the community can have his or her own version of the myth, and the myth can also evolve through time. We may all listen to the same track but this track still calls up intimate images for each and every one of us. A myth is full of adventure and mystery, it is epic and full of emotions. It can be anything from the Lost Ark to Greek Gods fighting. The aim is to fill our bodies and minds with emotions. The main idea is to tell stories like books or movies, but through musical notes & rhythm. The music makers provide the musical image, the listeners create the myth. And vice-versa.

Silhouette///Melody and drums begin the tune, soon followed by a melody and a bass growl. The percussion takes over for a bit and an synth line appears to create more rhythm and atmosphere. Then suddenly another arp line comes in to thicken up the atmosphere. A flowing string melody appear and swell creating great emotive awareness. As the composition moves forward, the percussion stands out a bit more as the beginning melody comes back to introduce a second bassline that leads us to third bassline to conclude the opening piece.

Motion Currents///A flowing and lush arp line materializes as the percussion thumps. A poem is them recited as a bassline strikes quietly underneath, leading us back to the arp line. The track is quite flowing as new elements are subtly introduced creating a quality dance feel. The movement is continuous with sprinkles of sonics coming in as fills. Towards the end, the arp line starts to modulate a bit harder adding more flavor and subconscious diversity.

Blowed Out///The B side starts out with a bit of a slower composition. The percussion strikes as a guitar strum freely in the background. A another sound comes in acting as a bass with a tom drum to compliment it, filling up the lower half of the audio spectrum. A long tone sparsely sounds as the percussion continues to multiply. Another strumming part joins quickly followed by another synth line that adds more content with its reverb and echo effects. Sounding utterly dreamy as the tune moves with relentless propulsion until finished.

Story Catcher///To end the 12”, melodies and harmonies ring out from the speakers. The broken beat of the kick drum is underneath the tones as the introduction is expressed with the melodies. Then a banging set of percussion arrives as a synth stab moves around, complimented by a nice bassline. This tune is very orchestral like with all the flowing string lines but yet held together by a relentless rhythm. As the arp comes to life the percussion creates counterpoint. The story is almost finished being told, as the arp leads us into a very emotive outro of strings sounds.

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