I am on remix duty again and this time I slow it down to 114 bpm for a re-feel of the tune w-ww by Miltiades on Nous. I do not know much about Miltiades but the Greek producer is definitely making some deep burners. For real, so I heard the project was like okay lets get down. The EP is titled Miltiades – epk.x, I should probably asks what this means, but in any case I guess you will learn through the music below.

a1. as we///Is a deep house banger that moves and move as the chords vibrate to please your ear drums. A subtle bass line sounds while percussion moves around to add depth to the track.

a2. w-ww (hakim murphy re-feel)///I jump on the vinyl slowing down a track. Moving drums and sparse vocals really help to create emotive moments as the chords drone and call back and forth to each other. Feel that?

b1. w-ww///The orginal is a bit faster than my re-feel, but slamming none the less. Percussion and bass move in a most rhythmically interesting way. Yeah the rhythm with chords on top of chords is going super deep here.

b2. u1.1///Another deep tune, floating chords move back and forth as the bass line sounds. Percussion changes in the background every so subtly as the repetition of the chords also sway in similar fashion.

b3.epk.x///Ending this EP is a downtempo tune that features a breakbeat and floating synths. Listen close and here the gentleness of the cosmos.

Distributed by Rush Hour

Available at:



Underground Gallery

Press @ Juno Plus preview

Press @ Juno Plus review

Hakim Murphy

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