pbr023 side A
pbr023 side A
pbr023 side B
pbr023 side B

Yeah, coming through the NYC pipeline via Plan B Recordings, I continue to materialize tunes straight from dreams into realities with a 4 track EP that signifies samples from my inner music self called Sampled Dreams EP. All my tunes hold true to the previous statement, but these are my particular sampled dreams for the NYC. My unconscious moments rising to the top of myself, straight from the underground for the underground.

Work In//Chords strike as the beat moves, synth toms become apparent, then an acid bass line appears and morphs throughout the piece. Later a second set of chords appear for more spice. Meanwhile the effects on the percussion slowly builds but always returning back to normal reverberation.

Sharp Senses//Begins with deep bass and quickly a melody line combined with strings run, sounding like an atmosphere unfamiliar to most. The subtleties keep progressing as the track continues to move forward while the bass is driving the entire way.

Errr//A synth begins as a deep melody moves while a dirty baseline grooves. The first synth line continues to change as the track moves forward, leaving people with the feeling of a mean-mug.

Floating//Abstract and ambient, strange percussion begins as bass melody takes you on a journey of my deepness. The tune grows and changes as no sections are repeated.

Cop it here at Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/435062-01.htm

or directly from Plan B here: http://planbrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/sampled-dreams-ep-hakim-murphy

hakim murphy

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