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The collective keeps it rolling with a new release featuring Chicago and New York artists as a united front to destroy dance-floors through house and techno tunes on Plan B Recordings. Advancing through the ranks of the underground with 4 unique tunes that are quite deep and worth a check: featuring… G. Marcell, Dakini9 aka Lola Rephann, Kuru aka DJ Spider, and Hakim Murphy.

G. Marcell.Renegade Rampage//Melodies are moving and moving as they strike first, the beats then move and shake, snaps start as tune really begins to groove. So we begin the project with a banger.

Dakini9.The Weight of Disbelief//Shows of her production skills with this dreamy like expression that keeps you floating through the corridor of Dakini’s psyche.

Kuru.Unseen Overlord//Taken from the Kuru album; crazy sounds begin this tune as chords move and open up while the effected percussion continues to sound. Kuru comes up from the deep within just below the dark abyss with this one.

Hakim Murphy.Ctl, Alt, Delete//Atmosphere takes over as erie synths move, meanwhile crunchy lines are there for the counterpoint. A b-section hits to shore up the trip as some time starting over is what’s up.

Yo, we on the advance again.. I am just saying!

hakim murphy



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