Kaiju EP
Kaiju EP
pbr025 Side B

So I have several collaboration projects in the works and the first one to materialize is between DJ Spider & myself as the Kaiju EP. Check out the prose below as we take you on a ride of beats, tones, and samples with a concept that influenced us when we were young.

New 12″ heat from DJ Spider & Hakim Murphy on Plan B Recordings named Kaiju EP. Inspired by the giant monster fights that were part of the Saturday rotations of network TV in the 70’s and 80’s which sparked the inspiration for this 6 track EP. Four futuristic bangers accompanied with two ambient soundscape pieces that take you on a ride through murky beats and lush sound textures. Super banging Chicago-New York hybrid release for the new year!

Prose from Plan B:

Having welcomed the supreme talents of Hakim Murphy into the Plan B fold with last year’s well received Sampled Dreams EP; label boss DJ Spider now unveils the Kaiju EP, six tracks of B movie sci fi techno. “Submerged Giant” seems a rather pertinent title for the opening track with waves of monolithic pressure deep in the swampy production, of kilter percussive textures and gurgling analogue embellishments driving the track forward regardless. The rumbling aqueous “Thermionic Emission” makes for a largely beatless interlude that sounds like it surfaced from an underwater laboratory. Those seeking straight up techno will find little on this record, though the elasticised analogue groove at the core of “Attack Lines” and the fizzing, metallic “Sector Zero” are resolute highlights of a starkly individual EP from two of the US’s most idiosyncratic producers.

Submerged Giant///Begins the ep as the atmosphere builds, the beats get crunchy and the keys introduce the coming of the monsters. Growling bass comes as the melody chords appear.

Thermionic Emission///Ambient tune that sounds like bubbles bring you a public service announcement about the formation of the Kaiju.

Attack Lines///Acid lines appear as sweet chords come to back them up, while monster sounds litter the background through the journey.

Serpent Seed///Crunchyness begins as the atmosphere becomes thick with sounds, the keys and bassline give off and eerie feeling as you travel through the darkness.

Sector Zero///Growling beats and samples dominate this tune, for the peeps who like layered and crunchy sounds.

Abort Mission///We end the journey with another ambient tune that explains the existence of Godzilla, perhaps king of the Kaijus.

RA review by Jordan Rothlein:

New York’s DJ Spider and Chicago’s Hakim Murphy have been mainstays of the underground for years now, each bringing to the table a highly idiosyncratic but deeply appealing envisioning of familiar house and techno forms. But would you think to put them together? Perhaps not. Hakim Murphy is a details man compositionally, weaving sounds together just so; DJ Spider’s tough-to-peg tracks, on the other hand, tend to sound like they were dropped from an alien spacecraft as it speeds away in the night. Regardless, the two apparently have loads of mutual respect—Murphy has released a number of tracks on Plan B Recordings, Spider’s label documenting his own and other’s dark excursions through the recesses—and the Kaiju EP, fittingly on Plan B, finds the two properly joining forces.

Their chemistry is palpable, though the two take a minute to really get going. “Submerged Giant” is a jumble of contrasting styles that don’t seem mutually soluble, but after the palate-cleansing “Thermionic Emission,” the duo hit more of a stride. “Attack Lines” manages to pair the charred landscape of a Milton Bradley record with the gossamer deep house chords of someone like Lerosa. “Serpant Seed” pulls a similar stunt, though it takes less of a feat to meld its metallic chords with the fierce techno backing. All trappings of melody lift off by the playfully rhythmic “Sector Zero,” a departure hammered home by “Abort Mission,” the EP’s Godzilla-sampling, creepily beatless final bombing mission.

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