Plan B Recordings continues its motion with an various artist cd that presents some fine tunes from past, present, and future artists on the label. The 11 track album called Plan B Recordings CD Compilation 2012  Episode 01 goes on a journey from deep house to ambient and really shows off the versatility and range of the label’s sound. Released earlier this year for your listening pleasure with a truly unique underground vibe; well check the sounds and feel the deepness below.

DJ Spider – Crimson Bat///This tune begins the cd in typical Spider fashion; nasty beats, samples of someone getting did, and a heavy analog bass line. Rocking percussion appears as a lady shouts. This tune sets a good precedence into what is upcoming with Spider’s unique programing and arrangement.

Dakini9 – Residual Feeling///Second up is Lola Rephann as Dakini9 who effectively uses sonic scapes to portray her emotion in this piece. Lots of melodies, chords, and sounds ring out as the tune moves through time. Scattered percussion strike as notes begin to echo; meanwhile a bass line sounds to make the picture complete.

Hakim Murphy – Flash Mob///As the name suggests this tune starts with some tones and beats; then many chords, bass notes, and much percussion show up out of nowhere to fill up the feel. Suddenly a long melody pass sounds as the bass line moves. Changing percussion makes the tune move and as quickly as it begins it ends with just a chord progression.

Chris Mitchell – 86U///Voices sound and echo as the track begins, percussion strikes then a bass line sounds as a low syncopated synth line that slowly filters up to dominate the tune. This gritty track builds up slowly just to drop you on some dirty beats.

Area – It’s Just A Body///m50 as Area joins the camp with a tune that begins with a broken beat and a pulsating voice. There is lots of crunchy atmosphere here as the percussion goes crazy as the kick drum goes into a full syncopation. The track feels a bit chaotic, like someone with a crazy bio-rhythm.

Kuru – Mobius Strip///Strange howling begins this piece as a melody starts and percussion echos in the background with an accompanying bass line. This tune is a great intermission for the cd.

Amir Alexander – Wolfsbane///Amir Is up next with an acid jam that moves into long sustained chords. The acid line subtly move as the chords sizzle along the way for great atmosphere.

Mauser – Minimal Damage///Miles Holt as Mauser also makes his first appearance on Plan B with a tune that starts out with swirling pads and fast percussion as the long 808 kick syncopates, the flow stops and then precedes to bang; then breakdown and then bang again. Tripped out wah wah sounds move epically; this tune is quite the banger.

Takenawa – Penetrate///The first foreigner in the camp is from Japan as bass and chords begin this track, followed by some percussion and chord changes. The feeling of tension builds up as a break beat appears and the chords resolve. More and more percussion changes happen as the tension continues to build and dissipate. Nice producer on the rise here as many elements are present in this piece.

Marshallito – Meltdown///Marshall Hansen as Marshallito is on the penultimate tip as his tune begins with movie sounding chords while the kick drum pulsates. Then a nice bass line appears to wreck shop. Dirty gritty funk moves this tune coupled with some hard hitting percussion. Overdrive then takes over just to drop us back to the nasty bass line sound.

Spider Bites – Crawling Towards Chaos///Ending this album is another alias from Spider in which he presents an eerie reminder of the ills of world society, with an impressive expression of a tune that features interviews from various sources that change like a television. Heavy shit right here!

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